James Victor Gascoyne DFC thumbnail jamesgascoyne004014.gif SE5a James Victor Gascoyne in cockpit 92 Squadron 1918 Link to Photograph of SE5a flown by James Victor Gascoyne WW1 1918
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Link to Link to Royal Aero Club Register - James Victor Gascoyne jamesgascoyne004010.jpg Link to Photograph of sweetheart pin owned by James Victor Gascoyne. This would have been worn by Jame's sweetheart when he was in 
action. jamesgascoyne004004.jpg
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jamesgascoyne004007.jpg jamesgascoyne004006.jpg 92 Squadron 1918 Leather flying helmet and SE5a windscreen with bullet hole belonging to James Victor Gascoyne DFC 92 Squadron 1918