This site is dedicated to James Victor Gascoyne, who was one of the brave fighter pilots of WW1.

James joined the RFC in 1913, initially uncommissioned serving in the Transport Section on 3 Sqn, before moving on to 9 Squadron. At the start of the war he spent two years in France. In 1916, due to a head injury, James became an instructor at Reading University, which had been taken over by the RFC. As a Sergeant in 1918, James applied for his commission, he fulfilled his dream and became a pilot, flying the SE5a with 92 Sqn. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for destroying 5 aircraft and assisting in shooting down 7 others (over a two month period). James had a varied career, with a few interesting stories to tell. He served for 8 years before leaving the RAF in 1921.

James went on to serve in WW2 as part of the Volunteer Reserve (1940 to 1945). Sadly I have limited information of his movements around this time.

It is as a mark of respect to James, and men like him that, I wanted to create this website. 100 years on, "Lest we forget."

Mark Beresford
The DFC awarded to James in 1918. The first year the medal had horizontal stripes. From 1919 they were diagonal.